Client Concierge Extraordinaire

One of the things we are fiercely passionate about is the experience we create for each and every client. 

We work each and every day to provide that 'it factor' that makes someone choose us, above all others.  We know we've done it right when we create a raving fan.  Raving fans share their experience as a testimonial on Zillow, Facebook or on our website.  Raving fans recommend us to their friends and family, and they choose us over and over again for their real estate needs. As a matter of fact, we've done this so much, we've even created our very own House Addicts Entourage! Join us today (even if you haven't bought or sold with us yet!)

To further our mission of delivering a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 experience for every client, we have search high and low for the perfect Client Concierge.  Our vision of the ideal Client Concierge seemed nearly unattainable.  We wanted someone who could calm a nervous first time buyer's nerves just as easily as they could deliver the facts to an experienced real estate investor.  We wanted someone who could produce a carpet cleaner, plumber, or landscaping referral at the snap of a finger.  We wanted someone with a discerning eye who could create snazzy marketing pieces to make all of our listings and agents look impeccable. 

Most importantly, we wanted someone who would protect our clients and our brand as fervently as we do. 

The search was long and arduous, but we are proud to annouce, but we've found our diamond in the rough.



Gabby chose to team with House Addicts after managing a successful luxury real estate team in Castle Pines.  

We've decided Gabby is a Colorado native, since she's lived here nearly all her life, but Florida will always be her second home. 

Colorado does seem to be the perfect landing place for Gabby, she loves taking advantage of Colorado's beauty by hiking and exploring through the mountains.  

Though our state is gorgeous, Gabby's bucket list travel destination is the Amalfi Coast in Italy, and she's working toward her goal of visiting 30 countries! (Hey, work hard, play hard, right?)

When she's not in Client Concierge mode, you'll find Gabby making memories with her amazing son Declan, or indulging in one of her passions; photography, design, yoga, & fitness.  

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: "I'm a simple gal, if it has fries and good ranch, I am all over it!"

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM: "I'd take watching the World Series over the Superbowl, but I do love my Broncos.  That being said, my favorite teams are the Rockies & the Cubs

We couldn't be more excited for Gabby to join our team, and our mission at House Addicts.