Top Un-paved Walking Trails Near Lone Tree

Dog owners rejoice, this list is for you! Taking the pup out for a walk can be one of the best parts of summer. However, staying off the hot pavement is crucial to keep our furry friends from burning their paws. Keep this list of our favorite walking trails handy for your next outing. 


Bluffs Regional Park Trail– An easy, 2.8 mile loop route near Lone Tree, this trail is a favorite of many. From birding to hiking or even horseback riding, you’ll surely see others out on this trail.

Big Dry Creek Trail Loop – Longer than some other options in the area, this 5 mile out – and – back trail takes a little over an hour and a half to complete making it perfect for those pups that have a lot of energy.

Red Tail Park to Dad Clark Trail – This 1.2 mile loop is popular for biking and running but is still peaceful during quieter times of the day. Taking about 27 minutes to complete this easy route, it is a great option for when you want to get out for a quick bit of movement. 

Glendale Dog Park -Offering a natural surface and a moderately easy trail, this park is perfect for dogs and owners alike. If you want a little challenge there are a few short climbs with about 200 feet of elevation change throughout the 1.6 miles of trail.


For a full list of parks and trails in Lone Tree, check out this map. Happy hiking!